We are running a stitching learning centre unit which is for poor women of the area to give them a vocational training so that they can earn their livelihood and fulfil the daily needs of their family. We have a vision to work on women empowerment by allowing them to become independent.

This will help women to be confident when they will start earning and then they can contribute to their family and provide a better future to their children.


We have opened a dispensary to offer healthcare services in the area to provide better treatments.

We offer free healthcare facilities so that those people who are not capable to afford the expenses of the medical treatments can come here avail the facilities to build a healthy society.


We provide free computer education to students and youngsters of the area to make the aware of the technology. The basic computer education is very necessary in the era of information technology and learning computers at the early stage of life will make the students more competent and capable.

We encourage the kids or students from poor families to come here and have the basic computer education which is very vital these days.

We, at PS Daima Charitable trust, always make our sincere efforts to contribute for the welfare of the society. We are offering these charitable services for women empowerment and upliftment of the society. We understand the fact that only this much effort will not change India, but then we need to start from somewhere. And with a good spirit of growth and welfare of the society, we are contributing a small part.


We have the infrastructure facility for the dispensary as well as for basic computer education & basic stitching course for poor women of the society.