We have opened a dispensary to offer healthcare services in the area to provide better treatments.

We offer free healthcare facilities so that those people who are not capable to afford the expenses of the medical treatments can come here avail the facilities to build a healthy society.

For providing basic healthcare consultation we charge only Rs. 5/- (0.068 USD) from the poor people to provide them the right opinion about their medical conditions.

Few of the basic minimum charges we take from the poor pateints are listed below
S.No. Test Name Charges
1 Hb Rs. 15/- (0.20 USD)
2 TLC Rs. 15/- (0.20 USD)
3 DLC Rs. 15/- (0.20 USD)
4 ESC Rs. 15/- (0.20 USD)
5 USG (W/A) Rs. 250/- (3.38 USD)
6 USG (L/A) Rs. 250/- (3.38 USD)
7 USG (KUB) Rs. 250/- (3.38 USD)
and many more tests at very reasonable/minimal charges.